Plantar Reflexology

Plantar Reflexology is a soft massage of the feet through pressure on the reflex zones situated on the sole of the foot. Each body part and organ has its specific reflex zone which are all situated on the feet as well as on the hands, the head and the ears.

Plantar Reflexology belongs to alternative medicine. Tensions and other dysfunctions of the body can be located and treated.

Babies, children and adults enjoy its health benefits.


Plantar Reflexology

  • stimulates all the functions of the body (respiration, blood circulation, digestion and the elimination of waste),
  • balances the function of the organs and glands,
  • evacuates stress and nervous tension,
  • relieves back aches and other pains,
  • improves blood circulation,
  • enhances the elimination of toxins,
  • activates the lymphatic system and therefore enhances the immune system,
  • promotes mental relaxation and helps regulate negative emotions.

After a surgery or in case of oedema, a lymphodynamic treatment is strongly recommended.

Babys usually show an immediate positive reaction to plantar reflexology. It can alleviate teething, reduce cramps and help a sound sleep.


Please consult your doctor if Plantar Reflexology is appropriate if you present one of the following contraindications or if you are pregnant:

  • an injured foot or any skin problem on the foot (fungus included nail fungus)
  • any recent cardiac problems or cardiovascular disease
  • any circulatory problems (vein thrombosis, etc.).