After the interview to pinpoint problems, needs and symptoms, you lay down on the massage futon or the massage table.


For Fascia massage, meridian massage and acupressure you lay on the massage futon. I stretch and relax your back while you take a deep breathing rhythm.


I then start to work on different areas of the body stretching, massaging and activating the fascia or chosen acupressure points. Sometimes a slow movement is needed to support the massage. In this case, I'll guide you while I massage the chosen area.

For a plantar reflexology, I stretch and relax and gently your feet, sometimes legs and joints of the lower extremity.


I use my hands, fascial techniques, the meridians of TCM, the 361 acupressure points and sometimes tuning forks or singing bowls.

The treatment ends with a moment of rest (about 8-10min). During this quiet moment, you will experience the first effects of the treatment.

70min for fascia massage, meridian massage and acupressure
60min or 70min for a plantar reflexology treatment

I recommend that you to drink enough warm water or herbal tea after the treatment.